This Is What It's Like to Travel Like Kim Kardashian

Praise Yeezus.

kim kardashian private jet
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If you've been following Kim Kardashian on Snapchat (which, let's be real, you probably are now), you already know that she loves talking about the apps that help organize her life. One she raves about is JetSmarter—a service that cuts the 2.5 hours of pre-travel nonsense, hands champagne to you upon arrival, and treats everyone like they are the *true* Kim K. When they asked if I wanted to come aboard to check it out, naturally I said "yas."

For those who haven't heard of it, JetSmarter aims to change the idea that private jets are solely for the super elite. Become a member and you get unlimited access to their private planes (that means less than what many people spend per year on commercial travel). You can charter your own full jet or ride-share, essentially, in the sky.

So, feeling very much like I needed to change my name to something that started with a K, I recently hopped on board in New York to head to Miami Swim Week, and here's what happened.

First things first: Gate? Terminal? Jet bridge? Pfffh, how about a red carpet? This is *the* way to travel.

private plane

Me, walking the red carpet

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After boarding the plane, you're immediately greeted with a glass of bubbly. Par for the course for business and first class travelers maybe, but not what I'm used to finding in coach. I'll take it!

private plane

Champagne? Yes, please.

(Image credit: Marie Claire)

Being a celebrity is all about privacy, right? Flying VIP means saying goodbye to crying babies, not being stuck in the *god forbid* middle seat of a three person row, and actually being able to kick back and enjoy the ride.

private plane

Flying at 30,000 ft in essentially a Lazy Boy

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Just like Kim K has a full squad, so did I. Except mine were the crew and hers are, you know, a bit different. But seriously, having a flight crew that knew my name was a game-changer.

Unfortunately North, Saint, and Kanye were unable to make time for sure.

private plane

Love you, mean it

(Image credit: Marie claire)

From being escorted onto to the plane while having photo ops to sipping champagne with my feet kicked up, traveling like Kim K isn't so bad. Now if I could only nab her in-flight wardrobe.

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