Margot Robbie Gave Cara Delevingne a Tattoo in the Most Bizarre Spot

Um, OUCH?!

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Not too long ago, we learned Margot Robbie's secret hobby: tattooing her costars. And while she may have misspelled "squad" on her first attempt at branding her fellow Suicide Squad membersthey're still signing up to get inked by the Aussie actress. (She's done "almost 50 tattoos" at this point, she says.)

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Last night, Robbie visited Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, where she revealed the strange and unusual spot she tatted Cara Delevingne.

"Yeah! We did toe-mojis, we were calling them, where we'd tattoo the bottom of our toes with, like, little faces," Robbie told Fallon. "But, uh, the thing about tattooing the bottom of your toes is that it rubs off after a while, so we have to keep redoing them."

The bottom of your toes might be a discreet place for a tattoo, but it also sounds like it'd be very painful/ticklish painful. But the even bigger question: Where did Margot Robbie get her tattoo gun?

"I don't know what the rules are, but you can buy a tattoo gun on eBay," she said. "And as long as you've got someone who's willing to let you tattoo them, I guess we just went ahead and did it."

In most cases, we wouldn't trust someone wielding an eBay-purchased tattoo gun to etch something permanent into our skin—but it's Margot Robbie, so… maybe?

Watch her tell the full story in the video below:

The fun continued when Jimmy Fallon invited Robbie to take on the Jinx Challenge—a game where they both have to shout out something within the given category, with the aim of jinxing each other by saying the same answer at the same time.

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Within seconds of starting the game, Robbie totally cannot keep it together and breaks down in a fit of laughter. NGL, she is so endearing and charming we can see why people just willingly let her tattoo them.

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