Lili Reinhart Returns to Twitter With A Message For Social Media Trolls

In 2019, can we stop tagging people in hateful Twitter posts?!

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After a self-imposed Twitter hiatus, Lili Reinhart returned to social media Thursday afternoon to remind you that she's here to stay, and no one, not even some haters on social media, will get in the way of that.

The 22-year-old Riverdale star announced via Instagram Story in December that due to being she's over "toxic" Twitter trolls and after Reinhart found herself dragged into an argument, along with her co-stars, with YouTuber Elijah Daniel when Daniel said the CW show "sucks."

Reinhart's Twitter return came with a message to the trolls and haters who previously caused her to take a break from the social media platform:

“At the end of the day, if you go online to attack people who you don’t know… you are only making it brutally apparent how insecure and unhappy you are,” she wrote. “Misery loves company. Which is why hate grows. And people find unhappiness in hating or criticizing the same things.”

Criticism is fine and has a place in society, but there's absolutely no reason to tag people in hateful posts about them. You wouldn't walk up to someone on the street and say "I wanted to love that blue sweater, but it's an ugly shade of blue and I don't like that fabric." Considering that Amnesty International confirmed that Twitter is particularly dangerous for the women who use it, it's not shocking that stars like Reinhart and Ariel Winter are speaking out against the abuses they've had to endure on the platform. What is shocking is what people are comfortable saying behind a keyboard.

Reinhart also took to her Instagram Story to comment on the Twitter beef, writing, “I give too much of myself to those people. The last people on earth who deserve it. And I feel regret. For letting them spark a reaction out of me. When I know all too well that the moment will pass.”

The post ended with an empowering message to fans: “Each year brings new lessons. This is one of mine. Value yourself. And the parts of yourself that are your own.”

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