Chrissy Teigen Has SO Many Thoughts and Questions About Modern Dating

Modern dating is hard. Really, really hard. Chrissy Teigen has a lot of empathy for her single fans who are trying to do it, and she got into a hilarious Twitter conversation about it last night where she asked her most pressing questions. 

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Look: Modern dating is hard. Really, really hard. The nuances of online apps, the constant potential for ghosting, the strange and bizarre interactions that can sometimes result? Chrissy Teigen has a lot of empathy for her single fans who are trying to do it, and she got into a hilarious Twitter conversation about it last night where she asked her most pressing questions.

She started things off with one of her famous non-sequiters. "I haven't dated for a long, long time but are guys really pulling the 'let's be exclusive' thing 6 months into dating like what, I have been exclusive what the f—k have you been," she wondered aloud to her 10 million followers. Hilarity ensued.

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Her fans were quick to share their stories of dating disasters: lack of commitment, ghosting, you name it. And one particularly bad tattoo:

Chrissy was in awe, and extremely grateful she wasn't dating anymore:

She also gave a little insight into her and John Legend's relationship. Basically, she apparently bypasses the whole "are we official" conversation by just kind of moving in with her boyfriends, which is apparently what happened with her and John:

And joked that she and Legend were finally just making it official themselves, after a wedding, two babies, and many, many romantic vacations:

More cute and funny insight into the world's most relatable couple.

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