An Inflatable Unicorn and Hair Branches—Chrissy Teigen Shares More Hilarious Vacation Photos

Chrissy Teigen just got back from a sweet warm-weather vacation filled with family fun and relaxation, and also where she might have accidentally ended up with thigh and butt hives, oops. The model-author-actress is still giving us pictures and video from that magical time. And, per usual, they're comical and relatable.

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Chrissy Teigen just got back from a sweet warm-weather vacation filled with family fun and relaxation, and also where she might have accidentally ended up with thigh and butt hives, oops. (Chrissy debated actually sharing her butt hive photos, even putting it to a vote on Twitter—she really is master of the strategic overshare.) The model-author-actress might be back to real life, busily cooking with husband John Legend and playing with her kids Luna and Miles, but she's still giving us pictures and video from that magical time. And, per usual, they're comical and relatable.

In the latest throwback post, Chrissy's sitting down, wearing what I think is actually just a towel (seen here, too, I think), while Luna rearranges the hot new accessory for spring—a branch filled with leaves—in her mom's hair. It's super sweet: Luna exclaims, "You look so beautiful!" then leans in to pet her mom's hair and gives her a kiss. Chrissy exclaims, "I love it!" You heard it here first, people. Hair branches are the newest lewk.

In yet another hilarious set of posts, Chrissy gives us the most perfect vacation shot ever, with pals Jen Atkin (stylist) and Meghan Mackenzie (talent agent) floating along effortlessly in an inflatable unicorn:

And then, because she's Chrissy, she gave us a behind-the-scenes look at what it took to get that shot, in which the ladies are awkwardly trying to position themselves, not end up in the water, and hold on for dear life, all while potentially yelling at each other:

In the comments, Chrissy told us that the reason there's no sound on the video is because we really don't want to hear the things coming out of their mouths. No, Chrissy, I really do. Swearing Chrissy Teigen might be my favorite Chrissy.

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