Chrissy Teigen Says John Legend is the "Pushover" Parent in Their Family With Babies, Luna and Miles

"I’m the tough guy!"

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You can always rely on straight-talking Chrissy Teigen to tell it like it is, so trust her to bring John Legend straight back down to earth after his whirlwind, award-winning superstar week. Delivering the cold, hard truth to her husband of five years, Lip Sync Battle host Chrissy has officially labelled John as the “pushover” parent to their two children, Luna Simone and Miles Theodore.

Letting John know that there’s still a few skills that he needs to work on (y’know, despite the casual EGOT win), Chrissy talked parenting while promoting her new cookbook, Cravings: Hungry For More. Talking to BUILD Series, the mom-of-two admitted: “He will say no and then if [Luna] asks one more time, it’s a yes. He’s a bit of a pushover with Luna. I think it’s because they look so much alike and he’s like, ‘Okay, you beautiful being. Anything you want.'”

Revealing that she wears the trousers when it comes to their kids (and, judging by her gentle trolling, every other aspect of their relationship), Chrissy added: “He needs to learn to say no because I’m the tough guy. It’s always a thing in any household, there’s always one.”

Luckily, it sounds as though John is happy to take at least a little authority when it’s really required. Hello Giggles reports that, in the acknowledgements of her new book, Chrissy leaves a special passage to her beloved, late dog Puddy, which includes the bold name choice that she had in mind for her and John's second child.

"To my Puddy in dog heaven,” Chrissy writes. “Our first born pup: I think about you every day. We will miss you always. John won’t let me name baby boy after you. Just know I tried.”

I would have to say that’s a really good call by John—for the sake of Miles Theodore.

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