Kate Middleton Had a Prince William Poster in Her Boarding School Dorm, According to One of the Girls Who Live

Kate Middleton's boarding school dorm mate Jessica Hay told the Mail on Sunday that the Duchess of Cambridge used to gush about will in school and had a poster of the prince on her dorm wall. Kate later denied this story, but Will jokingly confirmed it.

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You know how some love stories just seem like actual fate? Like the stars were all aligning before the people ever met? Like when Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise started dating and it came out that she had a huge crush on him when she was a teenager. Obviously that fairytale didn't pan out, but the idea of it was nice at the time.

Turns out, Kate Middleton and Prince William have a very similar teenage love-from-afar kind of story, except clearly with a happier ending and much less of an age gap.

In her book, Kate: The Future Queen, royal expert and biographer Katie Nicholl reveals that Jessica Hay, one of Kate's old dorm mates from her time away at boarding school outed her for having a big, fat Tiger Beat-y crush on her future husband back in the day. Nicholl wrote:


This story, naturally, got back to Kate, who officially denied it during her first interview as a future royal. Nicholl explains in her book that Kate didn't even join the other Will superfans on campus in trying to sneak an IRL peek at the royal when his school visited Marlborough for various events.

For the record, Will takes Jessica's side in this she-said/she-said debate. From their engagement interview:

William: She had 10 or 20 pictures of me up on her wall at university.

Kate: No, it was the Levi’s guy on my wall, not a picture of William. Sorry!

William: It was me in Levi’s.

Sorry, Kate, but we're Team "It Was Will in Levi's" now.

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