15 Outfits Kate Middleton Wore Before She Became Royalty That You Totally Forgot About

Two words: disco vibes.

kate middleton
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Kate Middleton has been on the media's radar ever since she started dating Prince William, but her wardrobe back then? Not as much. The "Kate Effect" didn't exist until after she and Prince William announced their engagement in 2011 (that now-iconic blue dress sold out in minutes) and, up until then, Kate dressed however she pleased. That included a closet full of denim mini skirts, sleeveless dresses, and low-rise jeans...blame the early 2000s. As Kate transitioned from her university days to the work force and, eventually, to her role as the Duchess of Cambridge, her style inevitably evolved, too. Most notably, her outfits became more modest (think: long sleeves and dresses that hit at the knee) and refined, with the addition of skirt suits, sleek heels, and designer pieces from the likes of Alexander McQueen. We know Kate's a total force in fashion now, but here are all the great #throwback looks you might have forgotten about.