Sophie Turner Reveals That the ‘Game of Thrones’ Execs Pressured Her to Lose Weight

Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner explains that studio executives pressured her to lose weight. The actress says it happened after her metabolism changed.

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Sophie Turner’s Game of Thrones alter ego, Sansa Stark, has been through a lot over the years. And, as it turns out, Sophie went through some not-so-great moments on set herself.

In a new interview with Marie Claire Australia for the magazine's June issue, Sophie revealed that, after er metabolism changed (something that a lot of people notice after puberty, for the record), things took a turn for her behind-the-scenes.

"I have experienced mental illness firsthand and I’ve seen what it can do to the people around [the sufferers] as well," she explained. "My metabolism suddenly decided to fall to the depths of the ocean and I started to get spotty and gain weight, and all of this was happening to me on camera."

"Then came pressure from film and television studios to lose weight," the article explains. Sophie turned to a professional for help dealing with the pressure—specifically, a therapist.

"Everyone needs a therapist, especially when people are constantly telling you you’re not good enough and you don’t look good enough," she said. "I think it’s necessary to have someone to talk to, and to help you through that."

This isn't the first time Sophie has been candid about her mental health. In a recent interview with Dr. Phil for his podcast, the actress spoke openly about her struggles with depression.

"I had no motivation to do anything or go out," she said of the impact of the condition. "Even with my best friends, I wouldn't want to see them... I would cry and cry and cry. Just having to change and put on clothes, I said, 'I can't do this. I can't go outside. I have nothing that I want to do.'"

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