Nicole Kidman Just Got Her First Ever Dog

She's added the cutest poodle to her family.

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Recently, I unfollowed Nicole Kidman on Instagram because I'm so desperately afraid of Big Little Lies spoilers and I have yet to convince my roommates to watch it with me. But the actress' latest post might just change my mind: she shared a photo of her new and extremely adorable puppy, who just so happens to be her first ever dog. Alright, fine, you've reeled me back in.

Nicole posted a photo holding her new pup (a poodle, it appears), who's nuzzling her forehead. "My first puppy... actually my first dog. Been waiting my whole life for this!" she captioned the post. Her expression says it all: she looks positively overcome with joy. Here's to a long and happy future with your new ball of fluff, Nicole!

The actress typically keeps her Instagram pretty business-oriented, without spilling all that much about her personal life. But earlier this week, she shared a rare photo of her daughters with husband Keith Urban, Sunday and Faith, to celebrate the former's birthday. "Happy birthday darling Sunday," she captioned the photo, a sweet snap of her daughters peering through the famous clock at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris. Last month, meanwhile, she shared a photo of a tender moment with husband Keith, to mark the couple's 13th wedding anniversary.

One more cute moment from Nicole's Instagram? Yesterday, she posted a #WCW tribute on her story to Big Little Lies co-star and producing partner Reese Witherspoon—or, as Nicole calls her, "darling Reese." "We have experienced so much together during our time as friends and business partners. One of the biggest joys of #BigLittleLies is the collaboration it has brought between the two of us," Nicole wrote.

"I have learned so much from you and truly value the journey we have been taken on, especially as women," she added, alongside a series of photos of the BFFs. "I could think you for many things, but today I want to thank you for being an incredible role model for so many young women."

If you'll excuse me, I really must go cry down the phone to my bestie.

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