Sophia Bush Opens Up About Trauma, Self-Care, and Advocacy in a New Podcast Interview

Sophia Bush isn't afraid to speak her mind about politics, advocacy, and her own history. In a revealing interview, she dived into her path towards self-acceptance.

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Sophia Bush isn't afraid to speak her mind about political issues, advocacy, and her own history of surviving alleged assault and abuse. In a revealing podcast interview with Amanda de Cadenet, she dived into her own path towards self-acceptance and what she's hoping to see out of all the work she and other activists are doing.

"Practicing being touched, without freaking out, is a really big deal...because I spent four years in a place where my body was weaponized against me. And, it takes repetitive, safe experience to take that out," she explained, about dating while overcoming trauma. She also spoke candidly about assault in a more general way from an understanding of the male perspective:

Regarding advocacy, she says she's starting to look at it in a new way. "The pendulum has been so far in the other direction that I’m ok with an overcorrection, but what I’d like to see be the symptom of that overcorrection is the way that we talk to our boys about their feelings and about what it’s been like for women and girls."

Sophia says it feels freeing to finally be taking care of herself. "The tendency for me is to just keep going. My entire adult like has been just keep going, regardless of what’s happening, just keep going," she explained. "It isn’t backing down to take care of yourself."

"Finally I’m in a place where I feel like I am back to being a newer version of the best version of myself. And that’s a nice place to be," she added.

Sophia later shared parts of the interview on her Instagram Stories:

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And the full podcast is available on Spotify.

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