Irina Shayk Showed Off Her Legendary Runway Walk in a Video from Paris Fashion Week

Supermodel status: undeniable.

Isabel Marant : Runway - Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Spring Summer 2020
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The term "supermodel" has provoked a bit of controversy in recent years—remember the endless debate over whether Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, who seem an awful lot like supermodels to me, deserved the title? One person whose super status seems untouchable, however, is Irina Shayk, who took to Instagram over the weekend to remind us exactly why. Shayk posted a clip of her truly iconic walk on display at Isabel Marant's Paris Fashion Week show, a video that will subliminally induce you to spend all day strutting to the office water cooler and back.

Shayk was evidently pretty satisfied with her appearance at the show (and for good reason!), posting a photo of her look last week before returning with a video. "So much fun walking for @IsabelMarant.. She has always been one of my favorites, thank you for having me!" she captioned the first post.

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Her outfit: a blazer-inspired floral dress with intense power shoulders, belted at the waist, and a pair of minimal, lace-up heels that my heart is coveting but the space between my big toe and second toe is screaming at in abject terror. To set it off, a pair of mistletoe-esque silver earrings that again, my heart desires, but my earlobes aggressively reject.
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The runway video, meanwhile, pretty much speaks for itself—though it looks like Shayk got a little bashful after posting it. As Harper's Bazaar notes, her initial caption featured a heart emoji and two sets of clapping hands, which are now absent from the post. Irina! You deserve that emoji applause!

By the way, if you'd like a quick overview of some of fashion month's best looks, just take a scroll through Shayk's Instagram. I, for one, am now absolutely convinced I need an oversized blazer dress.

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