Irina Shayk Is Fostering the World's Most Adorable Kitten

The kitten's ears are bigger than its face!

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My cats are, without question, the cutest and most perfect creatures that human eyes have ever been sufficiently blessed to gaze upon—and yet not one single selfie of me and them has ever made it to Instagram, because they are supreme divas who hate the camera and will not hold still for one damn second to be photographed, Fudge and Polly! Naturally, such profound issues do not plague supermodel Irina Shayk, who shared an unquestionably stunning selfie with her latest foster kitten on Instagram.

The tiny ball of fluff, ears bigger than her entire face, is a foster kitten from Beth Stern, a partner of North Shore Animal League America according to Rolling Stone (she's also married to Howard Stern.) Beth shared Irina's photo on Instagram, captioning it, "When my beautiful friends foster for me." The little one's likely to stay with Irina for good: "I have a feeling this one is there to stay," Beth wrote.

Irina is a famed animal lover, often sharing photos on Instagram to promote the work of animal shelters. She has her own dog, a Labrador, telling GQ, "I love animals, I have a Labrador dog, César, Italian name, like Julius Caesar, the little prince of Rome. I have a cat in Russia and as a child I had hamsters...I confess: I am in love with animals." Apparently, Irina isn't César's only celebrity connection: he's purportedly related to one of the labradors who appeared in Marley and Me (or the labrador who inspired the book—care to clarify, Irina?) 

She also hosted the ASPCA's Young Friends Benefit back in 2015, telling People, "I grew up around a lot of animals and have always loved them." She also stressed her commitment to shelter animals, saying, "People are nervous, I think, that shelter dogs and cats are going to be aggressive, but they just need love and a good home. It’s been my experience that most of the animals are so sweet and lovable." And she's got a lot of love for those who adopt: "Any celebrity who adopts a pet is great in my mind," she said.

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