Courteney Cox's Throwback 'Friends' Photo Before the Show Finale Has a Sweet Secret

Hint—look at the food on the table.

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Courteney Cox, hero, has given us fabulous non-official Friends reunion photos—like with Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc and Jennifer Aniston—as well as throwback photos from the show that fans love to see—like the pic where the whole cast went to Vegas before the show started. Now she's done it again, breaking the Internet with a reunion photo that looks like it was taken just before filming of the final episode.

The best part, to me, is that the tray in the center looks like it's filled with lobsters (and fans noticed it too, so I don't think I'm making that up). As you will recall, Phoebe said that Ross and Rachel were each other's lobsters: "She's your lobster. Come on, you guys. It's a known fact that lobsters fall in love and mate for life. You know what, you can actually see old lobster couples, walking around their tank, you know, holding claws."

It's become one of the show's most iconic lines/references. It's a (potentially unintentional) Friends Easter egg! Cox captioned the photo, "'The Last Supper' before taping 'The Last One' on Jan 23, 2004."

Fans commented on the spectacular detail. "The longer I look at what’s on the table the more confused I get," said one comment. "They’re eating lobster!! They’re each other’s lobsters!!!! 🦞" wrote another. "But Ross doesn’t eat lobster..." said another show fan, referencing another show detail. Another little thing you might have missed: Courteney Cox is actually pregnant in the photo. And it looks like Lisa Kudrow might be holding some scrapbooks...potentially of old episode/set pics? (weeps)

Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow responded (Aniston with the crying emoji, Kudrow with "Awwwww"). And fans, famous and not famous, continued to beg for a reunion/reboot/gathering of some kind—apparently a special is in the works at HBO Max, but doesn't quite have the green light quite yet. So fear not, everyone. We might get a bunch more amazing photos like this one very soon.

Here's the original post—and if you swipe you'll see the script:


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