Billie Eilish Performed a Laidback Acoustic Version of 'Bad Guy' From Her Couch

Eilish took part in Elton John's 'Living Room Concert for America.'

Billie Eilish
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  • Elton John hosted the "Living Room Concert for America," on Sunday, broadcast on FOX and iHeartRadio, in order to raise funds to support people during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Among the celebrity performers was Billie Eilish, who performed a stripped-down version of "Bad Guy" from her couch, accompanied by brother Finneas.
  • Funds raised by the event went to food bank network Feeding America and First Responders Children's Foundation, which supports the families of first responders killed in the line of duty.

Prepare your thank you letters, because I'm about to suggest an activity that will take up at least half an hour of yet another interminable day in quarantine. Why not watch some of the performances from Elton John's "Living Room Concert for America," broadcast on Sunday in order to raise funds for people struggling during the coronavirus pandemic. First things first: If you're able, you can donate to Feeding America here and First Responders Children's Foundation here.

A standout performance from the livestreamed event? Billie Eilish's (quite literally) laidback, acoustic rendition of "Bad Guy," performed from her couch with accompaniment by brother Finneas. Eilish's vocals are always lovely, but they're especially gorgeous in this clip:

Host Elton John urged viewers to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously during the event. "I can’t tell you how important it is for you to take this pandemic seriously. Not long ago, there was another infectious disease that was ignored," he said, as Forbes reports. "Day in and day out, the disease got worse because we did nothing. Too many forgot about compassion and decency, so millions and millions of people perished from AIDS. But this time we aren’t going to let that happen. So stay home for the ones you love."

"We hope this bit of entertainment can feed and fuel your soul," John said. "And maybe bring you some strength."

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