Francesca Farago From 'Too Hot to Handle' Is a Reality Star to Watch

If Netflix's 'Too Hot to Handle' has left you wanting to know more about Francesca Farago, we've got you covered.

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With the debut of Netflix's Too Hot to Handle, Francesca Farago is posed for stardom—or at least plenty more #sponcon opportunities. The Instagram influencer wasn't afraid to proclaim early on in the show that she made a killing from her social media job—she currently has 337,000 followers—and that she enjoyed being a rule breaker, cementing her status as a reality TV villain (opens in new tab). But she eventually came around to the show's premise, embracing her mature and kinder side. If Too Hot to Handle (opens in new tab) has left you wanting to know more about the dating show contestant, we've got you covered. Here's everything you need to know about Francesca Farago.

Where does Francesca live?

She's Canadian! Francesca's a Vancouver, British Columbia, native, but according to her Instagram, she spends plenty of time in Los Angeles.

What does she do?

The 26-year-old is a model and Instagram influencer (seems like lingerie shoots, Fashion Nova, and island travel are her area of expertise). And she's also starting an eco-friendly, vegan, sustainable, biodegradable fashion line called Farago the Label (opens in new tab). Expect a lot of bikinis from the brand (opens in new tab). She also has a website (opens in new tab) where you can buy t-shirts and hoodies with pictures of her face on it.

Who has she dated?

Diplo, allegedly. The Sun (opens in new tab) and other gossip sites have linked the pair, but neither the DJ nor the reality star have ever confirmed or commented on the relationship. In 2017, she did post several Instagram shots from Thailand alongside this dude, who looks like Diplo...

What does Francesca do on Too Hot to Handle? [SPOILERS AHEAD]

Francesca (or Fran or Frankie, as her cast mates affectionately called her) had no problem making waves in the "retreat." She lost the most amount of money in the house for her sexual antics and often incited drama among the cast. But, she quickly won the heart of the internet, and fellow contestant Harry, and became one-half of the show's strongest couple. Who ever said reality TV didn't make people better humans (opens in new tab)?

Anything else to know?

She's vegan. (Check out her social media highlights for her vegan foods and recipes.) She's a dog lover: Her family has a husky named Loki, and she has a Pomeranian puppy named Romeo (opens in new tab) (Romii) that makes frequent appearances on her Instagram. And if her name didn't give it away, she's got Italian roots.

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