Netflix's 'Too Hot To Handle,' Explained

The Netflix dating show is sexy, shocking, and sun-filled! You'll love it.

Three women walk along a beach throwing a football between them.
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Like most of you, I've been cooped up in my house letting the background noise of one Netflix show after another fill the void in my humble abode. So I considered it a blessing from the streaming Gods when Netflix announced its latest venture: Too Hot to Handle, out on April 17. The sexy, shocking and, sun-filled trailer was enough to catch my (and most of the Internet's) eye, but if you're still curious as to what this reality show adventure has to offer, we have all the answers.

Here's everything you should know about Netflix's next dating show—your reign has ended Love Is Blind—that you'll for sure obsess least until Netflix releases something else.

What's the cast like?

Dating reality shows with excessive amounts of hot people are like ice cream and Reddi-wip; they make a sweet combo that always upsets your stomach later.

For years, we've been begging reality show producers to cast more "normal" looking people. But that's certainly not the case here. In fact, this show's entire premise is built on people who automatically rank themselves as 10s.

The cast of "Too Hot To Handle."

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What's the twist?

If a tropical summer getaway with a bunch of beautiful people sounds too good to be true (and like a meh premise for a reality show) don't worry. There's a major twist in the road.

An artificial intelligence device (similar to Alexa), here named "Lana," lets the singles know that any kind of hookup during their time will come at a price. Yes, our group of extremely hot people can't kiss, fondle, or have sex unless they want their prize of $100,000 to dwindle. (It's unsure how much the prize money decreases for each action.)

What other details do we know?

Their beach-front digs are top-notch. According to Entertainment Tonight, filming took place in Mexico, over a year ago, and the cast members have been keeping everything under wraps ever since.

In a way, the filming set up is kind of like the hit U.K. show Love Island, where hidden cameras are everywhere, the contestants sleep in a large room with two rows of platform beds, and they will definitely end up gossiping in their massive bathrooms at some point.

Netflix has yet to confirm any other details about its new love-quest. But from the looks of it, don't expect the eight episode show to end in any proposals. The ten contestants from the U.S., the U.K., Canada, and Australia will try to leave the tropical paradise with simply a new boo and some cash instead of a ring on their finger. But who knows? After all, all's fair in love and reality TV.

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