Chrissy Teigen Shared an Adorable Video of Luna Performing Ariana Grande's "NASA"

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    At this point, I'm not sure whether Ariana Grande owes the Teigen-Legends a check for their unending promotion of her 2019 song "NASA," or whether the Teigen-Legends should be compensating Ariana Grande for keeping their family entertained for a solid year.

    As you'll already be aware, Luna really, really loves "NASA," and has performed the song on mom Chrissy Teigen's Instagram before (Teigen and John Legend are also fans, dancing to the song to celebrate the latter's 11th Grammy win back in January). And after she was gifted a karaoke machine, she seized the opportunity to level up her performance.

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    Teigen shared a series of videos of Luna singing with the machine (a gift from her cousin, Pasha), while Miles danced along. In clips posted on Teigen's Instagram story, Luna first performed Selena Gomez' "Hands to Myself"—the wedding song of her stuffed animals, Chloe and Nosh. Next up was Legend's upcoming single, "I Do," a song previously performed by her little brother, Miles. Initially, Luna needed a little mic training, as provided by her expert dad.

    Finally, Luna made it to "NASA," by which point she'd fully mastered singing into the microphone. The performance was confident; moving; powerful; a glimpse of a glittering musical career to come. Something to ponder: Will Luna Stephens pip John Legend to that 12th Grammy?

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