Miles Stephens Sang Dad John Legend's New Single in an Adorable Instagram Video

Chrissy Teigen shared an adorable video on Instagram of Miles singing along to John Legend and Charlie Puth's upcoming single, titled "I Do."

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  • John Legend and Charlie Puth have a new single on the way, titled, "I Do."
  • Someone who's already got the lyrics down? His 1-year-old son, Miles Stephens.
  • Chrissy Teigen shared an adorable video of Miles singing along to the upcoming single on Instagram.

Yes, it might feel like we've all collectively summited Everest to make it to Thursday, and the concept of Friday feels like a whole other mountain range altogether, but we've very nearly made it another week, friends! If you need a quick gulp of Gatorade (yes, I've overstretched this metaphor, and yes, it's very apparent I know nothing about mountain climbing or literally any other physical activity) to get you through today, look no further than Chrissy Teigen's Instagram account; more specifically, enjoy this delightful video of Miles Stephens singing along to an upcoming John Legend single, "I Do":

Legend gave a little extra detail about the single on Twitter: It's a collaboration with Charlie Puth, and it won't be long until it's released. "We made this chorus very easy for Miles to pronounce, @charlieputh," he tweeted. "#IDo coming soon...."

Wondering what Luna's been up to while Miles has been working on his vocals? Well, she's also a fan of the new single. On her Instagram story, Teigen shared a video of both Luna and Miles dancing to the track, with Luna seizing the opportunity to perform her own rendition too.

Luna's non-musical pursuits, meanwhile, include following her mom literally everywhere. Teigen posted a photo of herself attempting to work on her laptop, with Luna's head under her robe; she captioned it, "if u are thinking about having children, wonderful! but know u can’t do shit alone ever again ever." Enjoy:

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