Sarah Hyland and Adam Devine Play 'How Well Do You Know Your Co-Star?'

The 'Modern Family' stars reunited for the 'Pitch Perfect' spinoff series.

If you loved the fun chemistry between Haley Dunphey and Andy on Modern Family, then you’re in for a treat. Stars Sarah Hyland and Adam Devine have reunited on screen, but this time around things are much more rhythmic between the two. The pair star in the new Pitch Perfect spinoff series, Bumper in Berlin, in which Devine reprises his role of the Treblemaker alum, Bumper. Meanwhile, Hyland is joining the franchise as Bumper’s quirky new assistant, Heidi, who helps him on his path to becoming an international pop sensation. 

We sat down with Devine and Hyland to test their knowledge of one another in a little trivia challenge we call “How Well Do You Know Your Co-star?” It should've been easy considering the two played love interests on Modern Family for over three seasons, right? Well, turns out one person is a much more attentive listener on set than the other...

From the game, we learned what Devine was a pro at selling when he was a telemarketer; that Hyland can not speak German; and Devine’s favorite college football team (Go Big Red!). In between pulling funny faces and a rendition of the Full House theme song, Devine effortlessly glides through the challenge while Hyland hilariously struggles. At one point Devine asks, “You just don’t listen when I talk do you?” To which Hyland jokingly responds, “Probably not, honestly.”

All in all, it’s clear the two actors still have  adorable chemistry, even years later. To catch Devine’s incredible memory and Hyland’s bursts of giggles, watch the video above. Then catch them together again in Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin, streaming on Peacock now. 

Brooke Knappenberger

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