Kim Kardashian Has A Third Hand Coming Out Of Her Head In This Photoshop Fail

"Ma'am why's there a finger in your hair omg."

The other day, while you were minding your own damn business scrolling Instagram, Kim Kardashian was like "You know what? Time to upload a buncha pics of me dressed like a snake for no particular reason." Which, sure, I'll take it.

kim kardashian photoshop

(Image credit: Marie Claire)

But here's the thing: while Kim succeeded in making House Slytherin proud, fans immediately noticed a major Photoshop fail.

Here's the pic in question (first slide):

If you answered no in that poll, go ahead and zoom into Kim's hair, where you'll notice that several fingers on a third, phantom hand are lurking. Like, there's a whole damn nail on the right side of her head.

kim k photoshop

(Image credit: Kim Kardashian)

Naturally, Kim's followers helpfully pointed out her Photoshop fail in the comments:

Anybody else see the finger in her hair.

Ma'am why's there a finger in your hair omg.

Why there fingers in your hair, you got three arms?

I came here to see that hand.

Girl, why are there fingers in your hair??#ispy

Kim there are 2 fingers in your hair 👀

Why is there a fingernail in your hair.

The fingers in her hair tho photo shoot fail cute creative direction tho minus the photo shop misses.

This is hardly the first time Kim's had a Photoshop fail—it happens with a fair amount of regularity in the Kardashian fam. In fact, just last week Kylie Jenner got called out for Photoshopping her bikini pics.

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Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian in 2015

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