Behind the Shoot of Mad Men's Christina Hendricks

Behind the Shoot of Mad Men's Christina Hendrix

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of a celebrity photo shoot?

As a fashion intern at Marie Claire, I got an insider's glimpse into Mad Men's red haired vixen Christina Hendricks' photo shoot.

Once I entered the massive Pier 59 Studios in New York, my nerves quickly settled in. Blank white walls with huge windows towered over me, radiating rays of light into the barren studio. On one side photographers began setting up lighting equipment and numerous backdrops. I found my place in the corner of the studio next to all the stainless steel racks.

Unlike the stunning Hendrix, my duties for the day were not the least bit glamorous. I started to organize each look on the racks, steaming my life away with any wrinkled clothing. When racks and shoes where color coordinated, they were ready to go.

Though the stylist had many looks to choose from, only three looks were shot (The photographer gave me flashbacks of Austin Powers when he shouted "Yeah Baby Yeah…Beautiful…Yeah.") The stylist arranged looks on Hendricks' curvy silhouette with scientific precision, and a Polaroid was taken of each look to narrow down the choices of the most flattering outfit. More than thirty pictures are taken for each look before the editors decide on the shot.

Keep an eye out for the final, picture-perfect result in an upcoming issue of Marie Claire!

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