'Outer Banks' Star Rudy Pankow Shares His Fave Books in 'Shelf Portrait'

And reveals he's currently writing a play!

In our new video series Shelf Portrait, celebs, influencers, and famous bookworms invite us inside their homes to show off their personal libraries. In our latest episode, Rudy Pankow (a.k.a. JJ to the many, many Outer Banks fans out there) gives us a tour of his very eclectic bookshelf.

In addition to the various books that can be found on Pankow's shelf, the actor reveals he has quite the collection of records, including Sam Cooke, Alabama Shakes, Jack Johnson, and Panic! at the Disco—as well as a gorgeous record player to play them on. But the real stars of his bookshelf? Plays. From works by Neil Simon to Tennessee Williams, Pankow reveals he's a major play buff.

As for his favorite book, the actor names Zen in the Art of Archery by Eugen Herrigel, which is "the perfect example of self-determination and self-discipline," he explains. "It taught me so much about when you are feeling like you are not doing the right thing—or you know, you're just never going to get it—he perseveres through this, and that really resonates with me with my acting. Sometimes I feel like acting, I can't click with it sometimes. And I'm like, 'Am I really getting this right?' If you put in the work, it will come, and you just got to feel it through, and that's what this book has taught me."

But the biggest revelation of all? Pankow himself is in the midst of writing a play so, in his words, "Keep an eye out for it."

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