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Laura Harrier Shares Her Favorite Books in 'Shelf Portrait'

In our new video series Shelf Portrait, celebs, influencers, and famous book worms invite us inside their homes to show off their personal libraries. For our debut episode, Hollywood actress and Louis Vuitton muse Laura Harrier gave us a tour of her bookshelf (which, she reveals, importantly doubles as a bar).

"I was actually struggling with this because I'm someone who gives away a lot of books after I finish [them], and a lot of my favorites are variously dispersed around the place to my friends and family," Harrier explains, taking stock of her bookshelf. Because of this tendency to share, a lot of what's currently sitting on the actress's shelves right now are the books she's planning to read. She's currently halfway through Eve Babitz's Sex and Rage, describing it as "fun and sexy and not a heavy read, which seems like a nice little escapism right now."

As for her favorite childhood book, Harrier names a beloved pick: Kay Thompson's Eloise. "I remember reading that book, and I'd never been to New York, and I was like I want to move to New York, I want to live in New York some day," Harrier recalls. "And I just made up my mind and decided that's what was going to happen when I was very small, and it did."

Harrier also shares that besides one of her friends, her mom gives her the best book recommendations, and credits her for her love of reading. "My mom, also, is a really big reader and has really encouraged me to read and love reading my whole life," she says.

Below, check out Harrier's book recs, which make the perfect gift for yourself or a book-loving pal.

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