Princess Diana Once Called Bill Clinton the "Sexiest Man Alive"

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  • Princess Diana branded Bill Clinton "the sexiest man alive" back in 1997, according to investor Warren Buffett.
  • Buffett said Diana made the comment at a party hosted by Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham, after visiting the White House the same day.
  • Diana was friends with Bill and Hillary Clinton, with the latter attending her funeral after she died in an August 1997 car crash.

    Here's an unexpected story about Princess Diana: Back in the '90s, the royal reportedly had a thing for then-president Bill Clinton, according to investor Warren Buffett. According to Buffett, Diana spoke to him at a party in 1997—and branded Clinton "the sexiest man alive."

    As People reports, Buffett spoke about Diana's big reveal in a recently resurfaced 2012 interview with CNBC. The investor said he met Diana on two occasions, both at former Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham's house, with the first encounter an ever-so-slightly awkward one.

    "I was in a room alone one time with Princess Di at a party. Somehow we found ourselves in this library and I—in 15 minutes, I don't think I could take it," Buffett said. "I had trouble remembering my name, I couldn't—I couldn't think of anything to say, and it was a total disaster."

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    At the second party, which took place "very shortly" before Diana's death in an August 1997 car crash, Buffett sat across a table from the royal. "She had been to the White House that day and she had said that Bill Clinton was the sexiest man alive," Buffett recalled. "And I didn't ask her who the least sexy guy in the world alive was. I was afraid I might get my play in there."

    As People reports, Diana was friends with Bill and Hillary Clinton, meeting them on multiple occasions throughout the former's presidency. After her death, the president released a statement reading, "Hillary and I knew Princess Diana, and we were very fond of her. We are profoundly saddened by this tragic event. Our thoughts and prayers tonight are with her family, friends, and especially her children." Hillary Clinton subsequently attended Diana's funeral in September 1997.

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