The Queen Commemorates What Would Have Been Prince Philip's 100th Birthday

britains queen elizabeth ii c watches as a duke of edinburgh rose, given to her by president of the royal horticultural society, keith weed r, and named in memory of her late husband prince philip, the duke of edinburgh, is planted in a flower bed at windsor castle in windsor, west of london, on june 2, 2021   the newly bred deep pink commemorative rose from harkness roses has officially been named in memory of the duke of edinburgh a royalty from the sale of each rose will go to the duke of edinburghs award living legacy fund which will give more young people the opportunity to take part in the duke of edinburgh award photo by steve parsons  pool  afp photo by steve parsonspoolafp via getty images

    The Queen commemorated what would have been Prince Philip's centennial birthday with the planting of a rose in the gardens of Windsor Castle. Philip, who died on April 9, would have turned 100 on June 10.

    Last week, the Royal Horticultural Society gifted the monarch a newly-bred rose named after the Duke of Edinburgh. The Queen subsequently watched as the rose was planted in Windsor Castle's East Terrace Garden. She called the tribute "very kind," Sky News reports. Sales of the rose will benefit The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, a young people's awards scheme established by Philip in 1956.

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    Celebrations for Philip's centenary would likely have been kept low-key, at the royal's request. In a 2019 article, the Telegraph's Gyles Brandreth reflected on a 2000 conversation with Philip, in which he said he had "no desire whatsoever" to reach his 100th birthday. "I can’t imagine anything worse," the royal, then 79, reportedly said. "Bits of me are falling off already."

    Last December, a palace aide told the Telegraph that Philip wanted "nothing to do" with any events marking his 100th year. "Let’s just say we have a rather reluctant celebrant. You can’t do something if someone doesn’t want something doing," the aide said. The staffer said plans for an event would "have to be raised" the following year, adding, "The one person you can guarantee will not want anything to do with it, is the Duke."

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