Queen Elizabeth Hilariously Insisted on Cutting Her Cake with a Ceremonial Sword

At an event for volunteers working on her Platinum Jubilee, the Queen insisted on cutting a cake with a ceremonial sword instead of a knife.

st austell, england june 11 queen elizabeth ii c attempts to cut a cake with a sword, lent to her by the lord lieutenant of cornwall, edward bolitho, to celebrate of the big lunch initiative at the eden project during the g7 summit on june 11, 2021 in st austell, cornwall, england uk prime minister, boris johnson, hosts leaders from the usa, japan, germany, france, italy and canada at the g7 summit this year the uk has invited india, south africa, and south korea to attend the leaders' summit as guest countries as well as the eu photo by oli scarff wpa pool getty images
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  • Earlier this weekend, at an event for volunteers organizing next year's Platinum Jubilee celebrating the Queen's 70th year on the throne, the Queen hilariously cut a cake with a sword.
  • The Queen insisted on using a ceremonial sword to cut the cake at the event, a move that caused Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and Kate Middleton to laugh.
  • "I know there is," she said when someone reminded her that there was a knife available to cut the cake with. "This is something that is more unusual."

Queen Elizabeth II will cut cakes however she sees fit, with whatever she sees fit, tyvm.

On Friday, the Queen attended a reception with volunteers who are working to organize her Platinum Jubilee—the celebration to mark her 70th year on the throne, which will take place next year. She was joined by her daughter-in-law, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and her granddaughter-in-law, Kate Middleton.

She was also joined by a massive celebratory cake, which she decided to cut with a ceremonial sword. And when someone at the event suggested that make she shouldn't use, you know, a sword as a cake knife, she shut them down hilariously.

queen elizabeth birthday cake

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"I know there is," she said when she was politely reminded that there was a knife available to cut the cake with, according to People. "This is something that is more unusual."

The comment—and the cutting of a cake with a sword, of course—caused CamillaKate, and others in the crowd to laugh.

watched over by britain's catherine, duchess of cambridge l, britain's camilla, duchess of cornwall 2nd l and board director of eden project, peter stewart r, britain's queen elizabeth ii c eventually cuts a cake with a knife, to celebrate of the big lunch initiative at the eden project, near st austell in south west england on june 11, 2021 photo by oli scarff pool afp photo by oli scarffpoolafp via getty images

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"That looks very good," the Queen added after Camilla helped her cut a slice of the cake.

Eventually, the Queen agreed to use a knife to continue cutting the cake, but we're personally fans of the sword, TBH.

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