Simone Biles and Suni Lee Had the Sweetest Reunions With Their Families

"Houston, I’m home."

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The gymnasts of Team USA have been sweetly supporting one another since the Tokyo Olympics started, but now they're back and can count on their families to lift them up. Simone Biles posted the most heartwarming pictures on Instagram of herself hugging her parents tight as she landed back in Texas, with a flurry of US flags behind them. The caption reads, "Houston, I’m home. Thanks for making sure I didn’t have to wait one more minute to see my family @united." (The airline is a sponsor of Team USA.)

Biles' teammate Suni Lee also posted a lovely photo of herself with her family, with her parents holding up her medals for the camera.

Lee also appeared on the TODAY show with her parents and two siblings. "I haven't seen them in so long," she said. "To see them here with me in New York is absolutely amazing. I feel so proud. I'm so happy to see them."

In a symbolic gesture, Lee decorated her parents with two of her medals. "It's like happy tears," her mother said, crying of happiness for her daughter. "Just thinking of all the hard work that she has done in the past four years and every time she has a bad day and she comes home crying, and that kind of hurts me, and so to see her with the gold medal, it just makes me happy."

Lee came home from Tokyo with three medals, a gold, a silver and a bronze, while Biles received a silver and a bronze medal, according to the BBC.


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tokyo, japan july 29 sunisa lee of team united states poses with her gold medal after winning the womens all around final on day six of the tokyo 2020 olympic games at ariake gymnastics centre on july 29, 2021 in tokyo, japan photo by laurence griffithsgetty images

(Image credit: Laurence Griffiths)
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