CBS's Criminal Minds Killing Off Its Women

The drama's producers have fired two of the three female stars for "creative reasons."

CBS has decided to suddenly dismiss two of its pivotal female actresses on the hit show Criminal Minds — without any valid grounds. How could this happen?

The network is citing "creative reasons" for the release of A.J. Cook, who plays Jennifer Jareau, and the subsequent scaling back of Paget Brewster's character, Emily Prentiss. Cook has been noticeably mum about the situation, although Brewster has been more vocal, using Twitter to state that claiming said creative reasons is "bullshit" and that the decision to fire Cook and diminish the Prentiss character are purely financial. If so, then CBS and the show's creators are engaging in hypocritical activity, as from the get-go, the producers have always claimed that their show is unique because every actor is treated like family. Maybe Criminal Minds is then changing subject matter from FBI profilers to the Mob, as the producers are doing their best Corleone impersonations: "Leave your pride. Take the severance."

Perhaps cutting out two characters wouldn't be such a big deal except that there are only three females on the show. The remaining woman, Penelope Garcia (played by Kirsten Vangsness), is largely a periphery character. All of the stars, including Thomas Gibson, have expressed their dismay over the sudden decision, which will surely affect the story lines and the show's audience, who have started a massive online petition to save their beloved characters.

Criminal Minds reveals the inner workings of serial killers and the Behavior Analysis Unit of the FBI. Since most of the murderers tend to be males slaughtering females, fans have become accustomed to the weekly massacres of women. But who knew that CBS would follow suit by unceremoniously killing off the careers of two of its most important actresses?

To join in the fight to save A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster's characters, please sign the online petition.