Anya Taylor-Joy Wasn't Able to Take a Fan's Selfie Because They Had an Android Phone

My kind of celeb story.

Anya Taylor-Joy is seen on November 15, 2022 in New York City.
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Anya Taylor-Joy doesn't know how to use an Android phone, and frankly, I think many of us can relate.

The Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga actress was at the CCXP convention (Brazil's answer to Comic-Con) in the past few days, and happily obliged when fans wanted to take selfies with her—or at least tried to oblige.

In a video shared by PopCrave on Twitter, Taylor-Joy can be seen taking a smartphone from one person in the crowd and attempting to take a selfie with this fan. Unfortunately, the device was an Android, and the actress clearly has an iPhone, because she tried to take a picture using the side button, but ended up locking the phone by mistake instead.

In the video, the fan in question can be seen taking back their phone, opening the camera back up, and handing it to the star again while trying to point out where she should click in order to take the picture.

But despite these instructions, Taylor-Joy's instincts appeared to kick in, and she made the same mistake again, locking the phone and leaving this poor fan selfie-less.

While it's hard to tell from the clip, it's possible that there was also a language barrier happening there which further prevented the person from getting their coveted selfie.

People on Twitter were "heartbroken" for the fan, but still somehow found it in themselves to bring the jokes.

"That man is crying his way to the Apple Store," quipped one person.

"Respect for her coz she didn't return the phone after finding it was an Android device," said an iPhone owner.

"She needs to be sponsored by iPhone," suggested someone else.

Meanwhile, another person articulated my thoughts exactly: "i literally don’t know why BUT this is SOO funny to me LMFAOOOO," they wrote.

Anyway, slight technological mishap aside, Taylor-Joy was at CCXP to participate in a panel about Furiosa alongside director George Miller and costar Chris Hemsworth, and they apparently had a lot to say about the movie, per Collider. So overall, a success?

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