Beyoncé's 'Renaissance: Act II' Is Coming March 29, and Looks to Be Country Music-Inspired

Mark your calendars now!

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Beyoncé is no stranger to the Super Bowl—11 years ago, she went lights out during her halftime show performance in 2013 (IYKYK)—and she is back in the news for another Super Bowl appearance. This time, it's an appearance in a Verizon Super Bowl commercial; per USA Today, the mobile phone company posted two short teasers on its social media that prior to the game led fans to believe she may be in the brand’s spot tonight for the big game.

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All signs pointed to a Super Bowl commercial tonight starring Beyoncé

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In the first clip, actor Tony Hale is squeezing lemons behind a lemonade stand. “Hold up, she wants me to squeeze all these lemons by myself?” he asks. “This better work.” The short 11-second video ends with a flash of Bey’s song “My House,” and the screen shows the Super Bowl date and the Verizon logo with a caption that reads “Gotta squeeze faster than that if you want to be ready in time. 2.11.24.” (We don’t have to tell you that Lemonade is the name of Beyoncé’s 2016 record.) “GET UP BEYONCÉ IS COMINGGGGGGG,” one user wrote on X (the platform formerly known as Twitter).

If that wasn’t enough, Verizon followed up with another teaser, with Hale speaking to a huge silver horse. (I mean, hello, come on. Reneigh, anyone?) While looking at the horse Hale asks “So should we be in a Super Bowl commercial? Yay or nay? Get it? Get it? Okay, this is a problem.” Then, the caption: “We say yay. 2.11.24.” 

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Verizon has dropped hints that allude to Beyoncé's albums "Lemonade" and "Renaissance" in two separate teasers

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Verizon is going big on Super Bowl LVIII, or, as it is known in full, “Verizon Live at Super Bowl LVIII.” The company will have an in-game ad, exclusive VIP experiences, and a collaboration with the Las Vegas Sphere, USA Today reports.

At the tail end of the commercial, Bey teased new music and, much to our delight, her website confirmed it: Renaissance: Act II is headed our way March 29, and if this is any indication, it's going to be country!

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