Matthew Knowles Shares Solange and Beyoncé Christmas Throwback Photo

Aww, they're babies!

Solange and Beyoncé Knowles
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You know, we love a proud parent at Christmas. It's sweet to see families reflecting back on the years they've had together with love and pride in their hearts, no? And papa Matthew Knowles is really playing the heartstrings hard this holiday season, in the most precious throwback photo of his two multi-talented and multi-hyphenated baby girls, Solange and Beyoncé.

You know, two of the most talented women in the world? No wonder he's so proud!

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"I love this picture," the caption starts out. "It was Christmas Eve, and Solange and Beyoncé were both decorating the tree. At that age, something as simple as putting up an ornament on a tree can feel like the biggest thing the world. And, it was to both of them!"

He continued, showcasing the sort of fatherly observations that bring a happy tear to the eye: namely, that of their supportive sisterly bond. "What I love most about this very moment is the sheer love, determination, and confidence that Beyoncé has in her eyes while looking at Solange. It's almost as if Solange was about to place the ornament on a higher( part of the tree than she was used to, or maybe it was a very special ornament to her. And, it's like Beyoncé is looking at her and saying 'go for it.' Solange has been going for it in life ever since and has never stopped."

(Imagine having a sister like Beyoncé, right?)

Knowles ended the post with a moment of reflection that will undoubtedly resonate for anyone this holiday season, regardless of your feelings on the day itself: "I hope this season you are surrounded by those who love, cherish and believe in you. And, if not, I hope you see enough value in yourself to love, cherish and believe in who you are and what you're capable of achieving in life."

It's a moment that looks straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting—if he were still alive and painting families in the '90s, of course. Either way, it's a sweet moment that our sentimental little hearts can't help but love.

Happy Holidays, sweet readers.

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