Princess Beatrice Through the Years: A Complete History

Coming soon: Princess Beatrice's headwear through the ages.

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Princess Beatrice of York, the oldest daughter of Prince Andrew and Fergie, may not get much of the Royal Family spotlight (unless it's about her gravity-defying fascinator choices), but she deserves more. The Queen's granddaughter, Bea is eighth in line to the throne, and the second woman in line after Princess Charlotte. The royal is a major Patron of the Teenage Cancer Trust, in addition to several other charities. She regularly attends fashion shows, Royal Ascot races, and ski trips, and wears some frankly baffling headwear (as one does, if related to the Queen). In honor of her royal wedding in July of 2020, see her best, most Beatrice-y moments, ahead.

Sarah And Beatrice Holiday
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The shape and type of animal Princess Beatrice, born August 8, 1988, is holding here is unclear—though quirky and strangely charming. Just like Beatrice's hats. Oops, we said it in the first slide. (Here she is with her mother, Sarah, Duchess of York.)

Prince William pushing pram
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A rustic version of a royal carriage. The driver? Prince William.

Sarah, Duchess of York, and Princess Beatrice on a Skiing holiday in Klosters, Switzerland
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They see me rolling. With an egg head.

Beatrice Windsor Horse Show
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The silver balloon, the gingham skirt, the butterfly shades, the ice cream cone that Beatrice cannot fit into her mouth—this photo is happiness.

Sarah, Duchess of York, with Princess Beatrice, and Princess Eugenie, on a Skiing holiday in Verbier, Switzerland.
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Fanny pack, tiny reflective sunglasses, retro one-piece? 2018, is that you?

VERBIER Duke and daughters
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How to match your outfits (with younger sister, Eugenie), issue 001.

ROYAL Golf/Duke&Duchess 2
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Beatrice and Eugenie, matching, issue 002.

ROYAL Queen Mother /Eugenie
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Issue 003. 1998, the year of matching clothes, shoes, hairbands, and... gestures? Tip: if you want to differentiate yourself, add a ruffled sock.

Princess Beatrice New school
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Excited to be getting dropped off for your first day of high school (at St. George's School in Ascot, Berkshire) by the Duke and Duchess of York? Me too, Beatrice.

The Queen'S Cup Polo Match
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Princess Beatrice at the Queen's Cup Polo Match with the Queen herself (Beatrice's grandmother). Some conspiracy theorists say the Queen is a cannibal—but perhaps she is just a grandmother in floral patterns and pearls?

The Royal Easter Church Service At Windsor
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At the Royal Easter Church Service, Princess Beatrice debuts the first of many daring hats. They're like structural riddles, begging us to understand how they stay on her head.

Princess Beatrice at the Stella Artois Championships
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I want to relive the 2000s through Princess Beatrice, starting with this ensemble at the Stella Artois tennis championships.

Christmas Day Service At Sandringham Church
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We are so glad this hat isn't blocking our view of Prince William. Hi, Prince William.

Garter Service - St George's Chapel - Windsor
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Hi, headpiece.

Gala Opening Of The Exceptional Youth Exhibition
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Here's Beatrice with English soccer player Theo Walcott. Do we think she's attempting to throw up the backwards peace sign? (Y/N)

Royal Christmas at Sandringham
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At the Christmas Day service on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, Beatrice seems to be re-wearing the same hat from 2003. Again, it challenges our understanding of gravity.

London Fashion Week - Fashion For Relief Show
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Beatrice with Sarah, Duchess of York, at the Fashion for Relief fashion show during London Fashion Week. Mother-daughter catwalk.

Horse Racing - The Royal Ascot Meeting 2009 - Day Three - Ascot Racecourse
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At the Royal Ascot races in Berkshire, gravity begins to take its toll on the hat that challenged it.

Horse Racing - The Royal Ascot Meeting 2009 - Day One - Ascot Racecourse
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Again, an artistic masterpiece debuts at the Royal Ascot.

Branson aims for cross-Channel record
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Princess Beatrice whips out a pink handheld camera (oh, 2010, how times were simpler) to film Sir Richard Branson's attempt to kite surf across the English Channel.

Branson aims for cross-Channel record
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Her then-boyfriend, Dave Clark, was on Branson's kite surf team. The attempt was a celebration of Branson's 60th birthday, but they gave up after weather got in their way.

Horse Racing - The Royal Ascot Meeting 2010 - Day Three - Ascot Racecourse
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Royal Ascot hats: charming, quirky, and structured. They're a royal family of their own.

Celebrities at Virgin London Marathon
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Princess Beatrice was the first member of the Royal Family to complete the London Marathon, running as part of Team Caterpillar—which supported a number of charities. This fact is on Beatrice's official Royal bio!

Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall wedding
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A hat, that seems to be...also wearing a hat.

Horse Racing - Investec Derby Festival - Investec Derby Day - Epsom Downs Racecourse
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Flowers on flowers on flowers; until Prince Andrew gets poked in the eye when Beatrice turns her head.

The Royal Wedding
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Beatrice and Eugenie famously attend their cousin Prince William's wedding to Kate Middleton. Why do these outfits remind us of District One in the Hunger Games?

Day 32 - Olympic Torch Relay
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Beatrice holds the Olympic flame during the Olympic Torch Relay—London Summer Olympics, 2012.

Olympics Day 11 - Cycling - Track
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Sports! Question: Who is Beatrice excitedly waving to at the London Olympic Games? Could it be her boyfriend, Dave?

Olympics Day 11 - Cycling - Track
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Answer: Nope it's her cousin Harry, who returns the wave! So wholesome, so 2012.

Diamond Jubilee celebrations
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The hat-dress color (colour?) coordination here is almost as good as the sister-sister outfit coordinations of 1998.

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