Every Plotline In 'Love Actually,' Ranked

Christmas is all around us, and it's time for the annual discussion of whether or not 'Love Actually' is a good movie. We all know it has its problems—and its greatness. Here, we've ranked all the plotlines from worst to best, in hopes of settling this great debate.

Ah, Christmas. It's time to trim the tree, spread cheer, and have a lively debate about whether or not Love Actually is the best Christmas movie. Every year debate about the movie's merits rages, but it's a truth universally acknowledged that, while the film has its faults, it still brings joy and happiness to millions during the Christmas season. There are so many iconic moments—Andrew Lincoln with the poster boards, Emma Thompson crying to "Both Sides Now"—that if you're willing to pick-and-choose, there is actually (see what I did there?) something in this movie for everyone, much like the holiday season! We've broken down the film, romantic plotline by romantic plotline, and determined which one was best, in case you're in the mood to do some fast-forwarding this holiday season. 

Amanda Mitchell

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