Glen Powell Would Love to Work with This Co-Star Again

Are they the new Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan?

Glen Powell
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All hail the new romcom king, Glen Powell! The actor may be known for his more action-y roles in films like Top Gun: Maverick, but we love him for the respect he puts on the oft-maligned genre that ultimately rules so many of our hearts: the romantic comedy.

And though he may be out here promoting his newest one—the hotly anticipated and much-discussed-while-filming Anyone But You opposite Sydney Sweeney—a recent conversation with Cosmopolitan found Powell reminiscing about his chemistry with Set It Up co-star Zoey Deutch and the power of the genre in general.

"The romcom has now mostly gone to the streamers, which is completely fine, but I think it's taken away from the cinematic theatrical part where we don't just buy this as comfort food," he explained.

"The romcoms you and I grew up on were actually great movies," Powell continued. "I watched My Best Friend's Wedding the other day and it's so fun. It's things like that, where you're not just making a romcom because that's a genre that needs to fill out a piece of an algorithm, but putting care into into it."

And by George, the lad is right, as evidenced by the fantastically compelling work he and Deutch did in the aforementioned Set It Up, a film that instantly swept fans under its spell, thanks in very large part to the magnetic chemistry between the two leads.

Powell said that both he and Deutch are not only aware of their on-screen magic, they're actively working to cultivate it. "There is no doubt that Zoey and I are trying to find out what that thing is. Zoey and I had a blast making that movie. Chemistry is not a problem with the two of us. So we're trying to figure that out."

Are Glen and Zoey the Tom (Hanks) and Meg (Ryan) of the 2020s? To be honest, we're more than into it!

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