Heidi Klum Was Really "Upset" Over a False Report That She Was on a 900-Calorie-a-Day Diet

I'm with you, Heidi.

Heidi Klum is seen filming on Rodeo Drive on January 17, 2022 in Los Angeles, California
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Heidi Klum is super comfortable in her body, and she does not care what anyone has to say about it.

What she's got a problem with, however, is false media reports about her diet that could potentially affect people's health negatively—and I cant say I disagree with the points she makes on that front.

On the day she gave a recent interview to People StyleWatch, the supermodel and TV personality was in the news over an unfounded rumor that she ate 900 calories a day. (For context, healthy adults need between 1,800 and 3,000 calories daily depending on their age, gender, and lifestyle habits, per WebMD.)

Klum told the interviewer that she doesn't care about stories discussing her own body, weight or habits. "But the calorie thing I was very upset about," she said. "Not for me, because people say stuff all the time. I can't help that. But when it really affects other people, possibly where they possibly could get ill from following something stupid that someone made up. Then I get upset."

Addressing the reports, Klum continued, "I'm not a calorie counter. I never have. I've always been lucky that I've never had that obsession to count calories or whatever."

Obviously and unfortunately, models' bodies are constantly scrutinized both because of the nature of their job and because of media attention, but Klum is lucky that she feels great about herself these days. "I'm super comfortable naked today," she told People.

Klum also explained that her husband Tom Kaulitz has encouraged her to take a more relaxed approach to her diet and lifestyle. "When he met me, he said, 'You can always also eat a little bit more.' And I was like, 'What are you talking about?'" she said.

"And I guess looking back, I was much thinner than I am today. When you're a model ... I guess I was exercising harder. I was running around outside, jogging and all of this stuff. Over the last few years, and especially since I've met him, I've just been more relaxed."

Relaxed can never be a bad thing in my book!

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