Kate Beckinsale Shares Another Candid Hospital Bed Selfie as She Seeks Unspecified Treatment

While the world is fixated on the controversy surrounding the Princess of Wales, another Kate is sharing cryptic health updates.

Kate Beckinsale shares another candid hospital bed selfie as she seeks unspecified treatment.
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Another famous Kate is causing concern for her wellbeing as she seeks treatment for an unspecific health issue.

On Tuesday, March 20, the Underworld star shared a selfie on her Instagram stories showing her lying in a hospital bed, wearing a blue gown as she poses straight-faced for the camera.

The selfie comes nine days after Beckinsale revealed she was in the hospital via an Instagram post in honor of Mother's Day in the UK. In two of the photographs, Beckinsale is in a hospital bed wearing a gown and an oversized black bow in her hair. The actress appears to be teary-eyed and emotional, and one photograph shows a health monitor in the background.

In the caption, Beckinsale thanks her mom for turning up "when we are sick," as well as sitting "with us" and sending "balloons" and for checking in and pulling "us out of wells with love."

Beckinsale has not publicly shared the reason for her hospitalization nor any details regarding her (what appears to be) inpatient stay or course of treatment.

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Last Wednesday, the actress and mom shared a photo of her Pomeranian, Myf, during a recent hospital visit, People reports. She captioned the post "visitor."

The star did the same a day earlier, in honor of her cat, Willow, who also paid her human a visit while she stays at the hospital. In the photo, Beckinsale wore a pink sweater as she snuggled her beloved four legged friend.  

Beckinsale has experienced health issues in the past. In 2019, the actress was hospitalized following a ruptured ovarian cyst, as CNN reported at the time.

"Turns out a ruptured ovarian cyst really hurts and morphine makes me cry," Beckinsale wrote in an Instagram post announcing her health scare, along with photos of the actress in what appeared to be a hospital's emergency room, recovering. "So thankful to everyone who looked after me."

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Beckinsale has also been candid about her mental health, telling The Independent in 1997 that she suffered a "breakdown" at 15 years old, following the death of her father, Richard Beckinsale.

"Had I been older when I had a breakdown I think I would have been an alcoholic," she told the publication at the time. "Although I know not everybody who gets anorexia has a parent that's died, if you learn as a kid that seemingly fairly healthy people drop dead at 31 it sets you up in a fairly crap way. And there's a certain amount of guilt that flies around."

Recently, Beckinsale commemorated the 45th anniversary of her father's death. On Jan. 10, 2024, Beckinsale also announced the passing of her beloved stepfather, Roy Battersby, via a moving Instagram post.

"I have no words yet. Thank you @katebeckinsale_slovakia2 for making this beautiful thing," she captioned the post. "I fought for you with everything I had. Oh Roy I am so sorry I lost."

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