Kourtney Kardashian Says She "Pounded a Glass of Breast Milk" After Feeling Sick

Well, that's a choice.

Kourtney Kardashian attends the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards at Peacock Theater on January 15, 2024 in Los Angeles, California.
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Kourtney Kardashian just shared the arguably unconventional way she decided to treat that "ick" feeling.

On April 10, the entrepreneur and reality television star shared a selfie on her Instagram stories, revealing that she drank her own breast milk because she was feeling ill. (And no, we're not just talking about a little "sip" here, folks.)

"This filter is crazy and I just pounded a glass of breast milk because I feel sick," she wrote on her selfie, which featured the mom of four smiling while she gave the camera an enthusiastic thumbs-up sign.

"Goodnight!" she added.

Kourtney Kardashian sharing a selfie and some surprising information on Instagram.

Kourtney Kardashian sharing a selfie and some surprising information on Instagram.

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While the consumption of breast milk will not actively harm a grown adult, no scientific study has shown that the "direct adult consumption of human milk for medicinal properties offers anything more than a placebo effect," one study notes.

"Human breast milk is not delivering the nutritional benefit it touts online," Dr. Sarah Steele of Queen Mary University of London told CBS News in 2015.

(Not trying to "yuck" on someone's "yum," just, you know, science.)

While drinking a glass of breast milk may not have any scientifically proven benefits, there's no denying that the mom of four has done her part in normalizing breastfeeding and breast pumping.

In March, Kardashian shared a carousel of photos on Instagram, including a photo featuring the mom pumping breast milk for her infant while wearing black lace lingerie and matching black kitten heels.

"That's life," she captioned the post.

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Kardashian just welcomed her fourth child with husband and Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker in November 2023. She also shares Penelope, 11, and sons Reign, 9, and Mason, 14 with her ex, Scott Disick.

Earlier this week, Kardashian also shared a meaningful message about body positivity and acceptance during the pregnancy and postpartum period.

"Your body is beautiful at all stages. During pregnancy as we are glowing and growing, postpartum as we are healing and shrinking, and then that period I find the hardest as our bodies are still adjusting," she wrote.

"And if you're breastfeeding, that's a whole other part of it. I try to be kind to myself as my body finds a new normal. The pressure put on us to bounce back when everything is new and different isn't realistic. Life is beautiful, you are beautiful. Just a little reminder (for me too;)."

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