Kourtney Kardashian Launched a Vagina Gummy and People—Doctors Included—Are Furious

Uh oh.

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Breaking news: A Kardashian has caused controversy with a new product launch. This is huge, because the word "controversy" has *literally* never been used in a sentence with one of the Kardashians' names before, not even when Kim told people they just needed to work harder, nor when they cut in line at Disneyland that one time, nor amid multiple accusations of cultural appropriation.

Sarcasm aside, here's the latest: Kourtney Kardashian just launched a new product in her Lemme line of vitamins and supplements: a "vaginal health gummy" called Lemme Purr. This gummy claims to "support freshness and taste" down there.

Predictably, people immediately began to condemn the move in Kourt's comment section.

Ali Rodriguez, M.D., an OB/GYN known as The Latina Doc, wrote, "I’m a gynecologist. This ain’t it. Stop giving your money away. You do not need this."

Someone else wrote, "This makes no sense"

Another person said, "another example of marketing unnecessary projects to women to make them feel insecure enough to buy it."

Another quipped, "no FDA certification but here are these gummies that def aren’t fruit snacks just trust me bro"

Another expressed what many seemed to be thinking: "Weaponizing the patriarchy for profit is misogony [sic]. Promoting misinformation regarding womens health is just a vile thing to do," they said.

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Dr. Shirin Lakhani, a U.K.-based general practitioner and intimate health expert, has also commented on Lemme Purr, and advises people not to buy this product.

"No vagina is odorless and they shouldn’t be and they could have a huge range of smells and it might change based on your diet or menstrual cycle. If the smell is unpleasant or pungent, contact your doctor," Dr. Lakhani says.

“This product suggests that women need to smell a certain way—and that’s just not normal and could also lead to women worrying about the smell of their own vagina, when it is completely normal.

"Vaginas are self-cleaning. You don’t need sprays or steaming or douches or perfumes."

While Dr. Lakhani doesn't think the gummies are dangerous as such, she says they're simply unnecessary.

"While the gummies won’t likely cause any direct imbalance in the vagina’s pH, I would suggest looking at food sources to help maintain 'good bacteria' in the body such as live bio yogurt, fermented foods such as Sauerkraut, unfiltered apple cider and Kefir, a yogurt/milk drink," she advises.

"There is a huge market in feminine care out there. But our vaginas are sensitive areas and also, brilliantly, self-cleaning. It doesn’t need anything to assist it in the cleaning process—and other than a healthy diet, it doesn’t need any special supplements.

"And in fact, over-cleansing with perfumed products or douching can disrupt the delicate balance, which helps to maintain its health. This can lead to infections and affect your sex life.

"Our vaginas are sensitive areas. I would recommend washing once a day with water and avoiding perfumes, dyes, preservatives and harsh chemicals."

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