The Kardashians Cut in Line at Disneyland and People Are Not Having It

They paid for a VIP tour.

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Another day, another Kardashian controversy.

Kim and Khloé Kardashian brought True to Disneyland for her fourth birthday, along with some friends, and onlookers were not super obsessed with their behavior, to say the least.

TikTok user Rachael Kevin (@shesbrewing) posted footage of the TV stars *presumably* enjoying the park's Teacups ride ALONE, with all the other patrons just staring at them and a bunch of empty teacups, waiting their turn to get on.

Kevin captioned the video, "When the Kardashians cut the line, get the ride to themselves and make us common folk wait and watch them... typical

"It seemed like forever!

"We finally got on... 30 minutes later"


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Commenters were fully unimpressed with this display. "Where ar [sic] the Karen’s at when they are actually needed!" enquired one person.

"That’s so embarrassing," wrote someone else.

"That’s odd. Alone while everyone stares," said another, while many other commenters asked why nobody was booing.

Another faction of commenters compared the famous family with other celebs. "The fact that PRINCESS DIANA didn’t even do this," said one.

"Not even Cardi b did this," said another. "she just had her security guard ride a teacup"

But the Kardashians didn't get special treatment simply for being the Kardashians. The Daily Mail points out that they paid for a VIP tour of the park (with prices starting at $2,975, according to the Disneyland website), which allowed them priority access to rides and space away from other visitors.

"If I could pay $3000 to avoid people, I’d do it too!" someone commented on TikTok, and honestly, points were made.

"they don’t 'get to skip the lines' they pay thousands of dollars to skip the line," said someone else.

Others pointed out that they just wanted to keep the kids safe.

"Why is everyone so salty, they are with their children. This is just for their protection," commented one user.

"Sorry, but if I was famous and I had kids. I’ll also wouldn’t want anyone near my kids. People are crazy and famous ppl have been murdered for no reason," chimed in another.

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