Lea Michele Announces She’s Pregnant, Expecting Second Child with Husband Zandy Reich

"Mommy, Daddy and Ever are overjoyed."

Lea Michele and her husband Zandy Reich arrive for the Time 100 Gala,
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Congratulations are in order for actress Lea Michele and her growing fam!

On Wednesday, March 27, the Broadway star revealed she is pregnant and expecting her second child with husband, Zandy Reich, via a celebratory Instagram post.

The post features a series of photos of Michele posing solo and wearing a simple white shawl and basic underwear, which perfectly showcase her growing baby bump. In every photo, Michele is looking down at her stomach and smiling.

"Mommy, Daddy and Ever are overjoyed," the High School Musical star captioned the post.

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Michele and husband Reich are already the proud parents to 3-year-old Ever Leo, who was born on Aug. 20, 2020.

"Everyone's happy and healthy, and they're extremely grateful," a source told People at the time. "(Ever's) been an easy baby so far."

Singer and actress Ashley Tisdale, who starred alongside Michele in the High School Musical franchise, reacted to the news, writing in the comments: "So excited for this beautiful family."

Actress Zoey Deschanel also reacted to Michele's baby news.

"Congratulations!!!" she wrote in the comments.

Of course, fans of Michele already have some suggestions regarding possible baby names... if she ends up having another son, that is.

"If it’s a boy the name should so totally be either Finn or Cory," one fan wrote in the comments, referring to two famous High School Musical characters (for the uninitiated).

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In 2022, while appearing on The Drew Barrymore Show, Michele told host Drew Barrymore that she "couldn't see things clearly" before marrying her husband and becoming a mother.

"It was all about my career. I've been so career-focused my entire life, I think to a fault," she said at the time. "I think I have this sense of drive that created a lot of blind spots for me in my life.

"And then having our son and experiencing the challenges that we did throughout the pregnancy," she continued, "was something that unfortunately created a stronger bond in us—that I would never wish on anybody—but it did."

Congratulations, Lea Michele and family!

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