Meghan Markle Is Told to Follow Camilla’s Lead to Increase Her UK Popularity

Camilla’s image has done a huge turnaround.

meghan markle camilla
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While the general idea of marrying a handsome prince sounds great, if you think about the ire directed at the women who’ve married into the British royal family, the reality might actually be a nightmare. Seemingly none of them are spared: Kate Middleton, now beloved, was called “Waity Katie” by the press, Camilla was utterly savaged by tabloids before marrying Prince Charles, and Meghan Markle is enduring some bizarrely directed anger from UK publications. The good news (maybe) for all three women is that time does appear to heal all wounds—Kate Middleton is now considered the pillar of the future of the royals, and Camilla just got the OK from the Queen to gain the Queen Consort title upon Prince Charles’s ascension. 

Perhaps that’s why, according to Express UK, Meghan Markle is being told to follow in the footsteps of Camilla and go for an image rehabilitation in the UK. For U.S. audiences, Meghan doesn’t need an image pivot—we like our American royal! But take a glance at UK tabloids and you’ll see that there is some serious reaching for things to “ding” Meghan points on. 

But Kinsey Schofield, royal expert and founder of the website, told the publication that Meghan’s popularity could eventually be on the rise again in the eyes of the fickle British royal watchers—just do what Camilla did. “"In Camilla’s humble and quiet approach to serving, she has won the public and the press over,” said Schofield. “The same will be said about Meghan Markle if she uses platforms like Spotify, Netflix, and any future book deals to uplift instead of tear down.” 

The comment seems directed at the infamous interview Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did with Oprah last year, which revealed bombshell revelations about the mistreatment and even racism endured by the couple—but which also made some UK publications turn on them for what was deemed a publicity-seeking spectacle. 

And while it’s a good point—Meghan and Harry could and seem to want to use their huge platforms to call attention to important, worthy causes—it’s also advice to be taken with a grain of salt. As history has shown us, the women of the royal family are bound to get pitted against each other, and the only way to change it is to call it out when we see it. 

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