Pre-Photoshop Mariah Carey Photos Leaked

Another reason we can't always believe what we see.

In the latest celebrity Photoshop news, Terry Richardson shot Mariah Carey for a Wonderland magazine cover and Jezebel got a hold of the pre-Photoshop images. Surprise, surprise, the original photos are quite different than the end result.

Despite Mariah looking gorgeous on her own, the edited photos have a whole bunch of changes, from the color of her skin to the size of her boobs and waist. Jezebel points out that Richardson (who's long been surrounded by sexual assault allegations) is known for his signature "point and shoot" style, creating candid and spontaneous images. But the heavy Photoshop work done here says otherwise, at least when in a high fashion magazine.

Another day, yet another example of the unfair beauty standards women are held up to.


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Another Day, Another Photoshop Scandal (PHOTOS)

Photo Credit: Wonderland, GIFs via Jezebel

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