Mariah Carey Is Bath Queen as Well as Christmas Queen, FYI

Or just "queen," I guess.

Mariah Carey
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Mariah Carey is celebrating the Christmas season right now, but there's another area where she is queen regnant: the art of bathing.

Speaking to People for a recent interview a few weeks after she "defrosted" for Christmas, Carey explained that taking a perfect bath is one of her best "coping mechanisms" for hard times. She also explained that other people shouldn't really try to run her a bath, because she knows exactly how to do it well.

"If someone is kind enough to say 'OK, I know you're probably going to want to get inside and go in the bath, so I’ll run it for you.' Well..." the superstar told People. "They put in too many bubbles. That gets a little bit out of control because then you can't just lay back without getting bubbles all over you."

Because of this, Carey is not the biggest fan of bubble baths generally. "I prefer the bath salts, and those can really be good, especially if you're a little sore or whatever, you can just soak in bath salts. My latest favorite are the orange ones. They’re really good. Then there's the lavender ones that are really relaxing."

Carey says that the perfect bath contains a LOT of bath salts, but "not the whole jug. And then some bath oils."

In the interview, the reporter also noted that Carey has a rich history of demonstrating her love of the bath: She got into a bathtub during her appearance on MTV's Cribs, she once spoke to Jimmy Kimmel with both of them in the bath, and the reporter himself claims he interviewed her twice while she was in the bath.

But it's not just journalists Carey speaks to on the phone while she's soaking.

"Everybody gets mad at me when they talk to me and I'm in the bath," she said. "They’re like, 'It’s a little boomy where you are. What are you doing?' But I've been like that since I was little."

Carey concluded with the most "her" note-to-self ever, saying, "I need to take milk baths again. Cleopatra bathed in milk, darling. If you're unaware, you should be aware of this."

You heard the woman! And BTW, if you need a little more Mariah energy in your life, Mattel recently released a Barbie effigy of her in a glam Christmassy gown, and you can shop it below for an added festive touch.

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