You Do NOT Want to Ask Mariah Carey if She Needs a Backup Track

She has it handled, thanks.

Mariah Carey
(Image credit: Getty Images)

If you don't think Mariah Carey has the pipes to carry her own shows, you can just see yourself out. The pop diva started her Las Vegas residency yesterday, and when an AP reporter asked about her backup vocals, Carey was subtle—but got the point across. (Point being: Don't insult that vocal range again, plebeian.)

"As far as vocals, are there going to be any kind of backup tracks?" the reporter started. "There were some spectacles here in Vegas that it's just required because there's so much going on onstage."

The confident singer replied, "I mean, I have so many overlapping parts and background vocalists and background things. There's always some confusion and something about it, but I mean like, if there's any confusion they're welcome to come to my house and sing in the shower with me."

"It's not a problem," she finished.

Watch the exchange here:

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