Nicki Minaj Reveals The Reason For Her Style Transformation

And we couldn't be happier for her.

In the past, when Nicki Minaj stepped out in public, everyone knew what to expect. She'd be scantily clad in a rainbow of color, reaching from the roots of her hair to the shoes on her feet. The 'Anaconda' songstress's crazy style and out-there makeup was her trademark look. But lately, she's dropped the wide array of color for a sleeker, more natural look. And she just revealed what brought the change on in a new interview: Confidence.

During an interview this Tuesday, Minaj said why she's embraced a more 'regular' look. "I kind of feel now that I look more like my regular old self, like what I look like when I'm at home," Minaj said Tuesday. "I think there's just a little bit more confidence and so I'm like, 'It is what it is. I am who I am. I look like what I look like.' I don't really have to change much of it anymore."

We think Minaj looks good, no matter what she's wearing, but we're so happy she's decided to own her natural beauty. A star-fueled reminder that your best look is the one where you feel most comfortable. And for all us, hopefully that look is when we're at our most natural.


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