Britney Spears Whips Out Her News Music Video, "Work Bitch"

Britney is back and we're loving it. She debuted her fierce video to her latest single "Work Bitch" Tuesday night on the CW. (opens in new tab)

Britney is back and we're loving it. She debuted the fierce video of her latest single "Work Bitch" (opens in new tab) Tuesday night on the CW. "You want a hot body?…You better work bitch," Britney advises. Clearly, she has taken her own advice and has been working hard because her body is rock solid. In the video, the fearless Britney Spears sings among sharks, shakes it in the desert, and even cracks a whip on one of her dancers. The catchy club beat was released earlier than expected on September 15th after having been leaked online. The single is taken from her currently unnamed album, which is set to go on sale December 3rd. It's hard to believe it will be Britney's 8th studio album, but she's still got it!