Taylor Swift's Lyrics Make for an *Amazing* Soap Opera, as Julianne Moore Demonstrates

The themes are right there!

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Covering jealousy, ex-boyfriends, hipsters, PG-13 passion, and never, ever getting back together, Taylor Swift's lyrics are basically a readymade soap-opera script just as Marcel Duchamp's toilet, with some sprucing up, was art.

In a semi-improvised (?) sketch on James Corden, Julianne Moore and the show's host play James Cordone and Juliette Moore, an on-again, off-again couple overcome with emotion before John "Feeling and Looking 22" Stamosa enters and whisks Mr. Cordone away on a bromantic bro-cation.

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Prediction: In Des Moines on Thursday, Tay Tay welcomes Uncle Jesse and Still Alice to the stage. You know I'm right.

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