MC@Play with Little Boots

Victoria Hesketh, otherwise known by her stage name Little Boots, is the real deal. Like many of her electropop lady colleagues, she rocks out among synthesizers, 1980s-inspired beats, and the occasional DJ gig at a posh nightclub. But after we sat down with her here at MC, we came to realize that her musical prowess — electropop or not — extends far beyond the likes of her talent mixing beats in a booth.

Take her debut album Hands, which was released in June of 2009 and hit No. 5 on the UK Albums chart not long after. Her tunes have a distinct disco vibe to them, a grooviness to which that you can't help but dance (even if it's just in your desk chair, which we've been doing all week). The album features subtle dance tunes — no dubstep for this singer-songwriter — but definite dance tunes nonetheless. And at the heart of her song's melodies and structures is disco at it's finest; music that, as she explained, makes us "want to dance, but also to be in love."

That said, America is sure to fall head-over-heels in love with Little Boots come spring, if they haven't already. Her second album Nocturnes drops on May 7, and we couldn't have pre-ordered it any faster. In January, one of Nocturnes' tracks "Motorway" leaked online and Little Boots fans have been listening on-repeat ever since. It's an understated, almost haunting tune that incorporates all the goods of a classic LB song (genius and thoughtful songwriting and lyrics, among them).

Listen to "Motorway," here:

And here's "New In Town" from Hands, another personal favorite of ours:

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