MC's Must-Listen Exclusive: Platinum Crooner Caro Emerald

With her smooth, old-school vocals meshed with modern jazzy beats, Dutch jazz singer Caro Emerald, is making it hard for us to stop listening to her addictively sweet voice. Topping charts with her album The Shocking Miss Emerald which soared to No. 1 in the U.K, she is beginning to make waves stateside with shows sold-out at Le Poisson Rouge. Whether wearing a fascinator hat or a curve-hugging Dolce & Gabbana dress, her style is '40s glamour infused with an edgy flair. Get to know Caro some more in MC's interview with the artist, and listen to an exclusive track, "You Don't Love Me" (Live from Le Poisson Rouge NYC). Tune in and listen up, ladies: Your ears will thank you later.

Marie Claire: How does your sound influence your style?

Caro Emerald: In 2008, we figured out this really cool modern sound mixed with old fashioned music, so for the look I wanted to create something to emphasize that. For the artwork of the album, I wanted to create something that if people saw the album they would know what type of music it was. My style is classic and feminine. It is a great hobby of mine to shop for new outfits for the stage and to see what I can do with them. I think that performing is the best excuse to wear stuff that I would not normally wear in the street.

MC: What artists do you admire?

CE: I like Aretha Franklin, Nina Simon, and Ella Fitzgerald. I also like a lot of modern singers like Rihanna, Lana del Rey and Adele. If I had to name one person that owns it all and has the whole package, it would be Amy Winehouse.

MC: Why Amy?

CE: I'm very much into jazz, funk, and pop music and she is the perfect mix of everything. She's the answer to the jazz side of pop. When she came out she created a new path for jazz musicians for a commercial audience. Her lyrics are really deep, her voice is raw but it is easy to listen to.

MC: Who are your favorite designers?

CE: I work with stage designers such as Jan Boleo, he is one of my favorites. I also like the label "Stop Staring" from L.A. I also really admire the Louis Vuitton collections.

MC: One of your trademarks are hats? Why do you like them so much?

CE: I wear a lot of hats, I was into anything on my head since the beginning — it fits my face and it makes a statement. It is so much bigger and stronger to wear a hat than to have a great hairdo — it individualizes your whole look.

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